Gooseberry and White Chocolate Tarts

My parents had collected 6oz of gooseberries from the garden and instructed me to make something with them and this is the result. These certainly aren’t the prettiest things in the world but are surprisingly nice with the creaminess of the white chocolate and the sharpness of the gooseberries working very well together.
This recipe makes 12 tarts.

Ingredients: (Ounce to Gram Conversion Chart)

8oz Plain Flour
7oz Caster Sugar
½ tsp Salt
7oz Butter (soften in the microwave, full power for 10-15 seconds)
6oz Gooseberries
3 ½ oz White Chocolate
1 Egg
2oz Ground Almonds


In a large mixing bowl, sieve in the flour and 4oz of the sugar for the pastry. Add the salt and whisk the ingredients with a hand whisk to evenly combine them. Cut 4oz of the butter into cubes and add to the flour mixture. Rub the mixture between your fingers repeatedly to generate “breadcrumbs”; make sure all the large lumps are rubbed out so that you have fine “breadcrumbs”.

Measure out some chilled water in a jug/mug/bowl and then pour a little bit of it into the “breadcrumbs” and bring the dough together with your hands. Keep adding the water in small amounts until you have a ball of dough. Wrap the dough in Clingfilm and then chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.

Pastry just before it is rolled out

Pastry just before it is rolled out

Grease a muffin tray.

Fully greased muffin tray

Fully greased muffin tray

Prepare the gooseberries by chopping the top and bottom stalk off each one (takes forever and is a pain but is better than eating bits of plant). Chop the white chocolate into small pieces.

In a mixing bowl, cream the remaining butter and sugar together with a wooden spoon by repeatedly pressing the mixture into the base of the bowl until it is light and fluffy. Whisk in the egg and then fold in the ground almonds until you have a fully combined paste.

Almond paste filling

Almond paste filling

Take the pastry out of the fridge and roll out on a floured work surface. Regularly flip the pastry over and turn 90o after every few rolls of the rolling pin to stop the pastry from sticking to the work surface. Add more flour when necessary.

Once the pastry is about 1cm thick, gather it all up into a ball and roll it out again. This makes the pastry a lot more manageable and less likely to tear. Roll the pastry to about a 1cm thickness.

Pre-heat the oven to 160oC (325oF, Gas Mark 3).

Cut circles out of the pastry that are about 9cm in diameter with a knife and gently press into the greased muffin tin. Spoon about 1tbsp of the almond paste into each tart case and top with the gooseberries and white chocolate, divided equally between the 12 tarts.

Bake the tarts in the oven for 20mins, take out and allow to cool. Gently remove the tarts from the tin and leave to fully cool on a wire cooling rack.

Gooseberry and White Chocolate Tarts

As I say, these taste a lot better than they look. If you don’t have any gooseberries (and why would you?), rhubarb or blackberries would work just as well (the rhubarb would need to be stewed first however).


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